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On 30.09.2020
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ZuverlГssig ist! Jeweilige Online Casino genau zu prГfen und zu entscheiden, wann du spielen willst und wie du es spielen willst. So findet ihr, die Spieler glГcklich zu machen, stehen den Fans viel mehr Optionen zur, auf der das komplette Portfolio des Anbieters aufgerufen werden kann.


Unsere Erfahrungen mit Icelotto! Ist Icelotto ein seriöser Lottoanbieter? Unsere Antowort findest du hier in unserem Test ! Jetzt klicken! IceLotto Erfahrungen. Achtung: Leider ist dieser Anbieter nicht länger erreichbar. Bitte wähle eine Alternative aus unserem Online Lottoanbieter Test. Lotto 6 aus. Wir haben IceLotto unter die Lupe genommen: Handelt es sich um einen sicheren Anbieter oder um Abzocke? Die Antwort finden Sie hier in unserem Test​!

Icelotto: Vertrauenswürdig oder nicht?

IceLotto bei uns im Test - seriös oder nur Betrug? ✅ Spielen Sie gratis Lotto, Powerball oder machen Sie bei ElGordo mit ✅ Lotto online. Mit IceLotto habe ich einen weiteren Anbieter, der Online Lotto bei weltweiten Lotterien, wie beispielsweise US- Lotterie Powerball, getestet. Icelotto im Test + Erfahrungen echter Kunden ✅ Geprüft: Ist Icelotto Betrug oder seriös? ☘ Spielen Sie sicher Lotto im Internet.

Icelotto IceLotto Exposed — A New Beginning? Video

IceLotto - it's not a game , it's a lifestyle

What are the opening times for Icelotto? Is Icelotto open on the weekends? How quickly does Icelotto respond to customer queries? How do I return something to Icelotto?

How do I get a refund from Icelotto? This is what caused me to write this comment on IceLotto. Now I hope they will keep on do this great service.

I must say they gave professional answers and had good explanations for any question I had. I decided to give them a good ranking. It is still not perfect, but I would say it is because I never gave anyone a perfect ranking.

I also liked the fact that everything on the site is very clear for the player. I am rating them 0. After more than a year they still keep ringing me to buy tickets.

I registered with them on November I got all tickets I bought. Then did let me withdraw my share in the syndicate, so I must say that my experience is good with them.

I will update this forum for any changes. I have had a same problem — the guy rang me to say that he guarantees me winning but I said NO and am not interested as I have no money.

When I complained they are ignoring all my emails. Anyway, just yesterday received a call saying they will refund after 6 months due to some system issue.

I am really angry that these people can do this. I need to get my money back! I played with them once and after the payment, it showed that it was auto renewal and it kept charging every alternate week, in spite of me sending various reminders not to charge.

My online complaints raised tickets, but they never bothered to respond back. Their sales team is highly aggressive, calling me at least 6 times during the day and pressuring to go for VIP deals.

They started with Euro 2, and said they will give me a discount and it will cost only Euro on that day and when I said no, they came down to Euro This kind of discounts within mins of talk over the phone, gives wrong signals.

I feel they are here only to rob people. IceLotto charged my card twice without my permission. Total of euros. Stay away from them. I have been ripped off by IceLotto and I strongly believe they are a scam!

Overcharged 5 times for one ticket. Made contact with customer support and was told a refund was coming. Many very friendly phone calls and emails I am still without my refund 2 months later.

Kim and David both talked to me talking of refund. Do not use IceLotto! Tried to buy tickets online, over charged 6 time. They are a SCAM as I played the Powerball Jan 13, and like others my order for 5 tickets was duplicated plus the serial numbers of tickets no.

Mayan here, Icelotto. This is a total NO-NO for me. Fortunately I, pretty much, never have any money, so they got nothing out of me, but if I had, I would have been, at least, ZAR 6, down.

So sorry, for me they are a minus. Stay away! I had the same problem described by several people above. Trying to purchase a ticket, I got the page with some error.

Double charged for the very same ticket without any confirmation e-mail or any kind of message…. I am a webdesigner.

Had to turn my phone off to stop the calls. Bought tickets and never received the copies. I hate to think about the problems if claiming a prize.

There are better sites available. Keep clear of these clowns. Maybe not a scam, but running close. Any individual who would be willing to agree to the agreement would have to be a moron.

The user has absolutely no recourse to any issue with them. Avoid IceLotto at any cost. They will cease to exist in no time.

Their software does not indicate that you have completed the ticket purchase. If you go back to the ticket purchase field you get charged again, and again for the same numbers.

I only realised when I checked my email. This is nothing but a pure scam. If you want to play online go elsewhere.

Stay well clear. They are credit card thieves! I bought one ticket for 11 euros, 4 days later they charged my card for euros without me knowing.

Luckily the bank blocked my card immediately since someone in China was using my details. The bank admitted that Icelotto is on their shitlist!!

This site ripped me off for dollars I purchased one ticket that they sent me a fake one not even for the draw I choose.

They posted not-winner beside the tickets hours before the draw took place. My credit card got billed 3 times for 3 tickets of the same numbers and I placed a ticket of complaint that moment and of course nothing they have not responded to me at all you cannot contact them.

After I had bought my first few tickets from them I had a phonecall from a person offering me a bargain. To my astonishment this mail turned out to be an order confirmation for a very large amount.

I immediately wrote to their support demanding to have this annulled as I was NOT interested and would never use such an amount on lotteries.

After repeated mails to them — to which I never received any reply or any otter reaction — I had my credit card cancelled that very same day.

Nevertheless, a few days laver I found that they had taken the amount from my account. Have had to get my bank involved.

BEWARE — When you complete the ticket transaction you do not get any form of notification to let you know that the sale had gone through on the website page.

Unfortunately, I pressed the submit button three times, before I checked my email and found I had purchased the same numbers three times!

This is a scam website. Got email confirming money taken from my account but no details of the numbers. Fast forward 24 hours and the draw has taken place and still no numbers.

If I did have the wining numbers and my ticket was swapped I would be none the wiser. Best stay clear of this website and as per the reviews poor customer service.

Well almost only good reviews, but not mine! I have sent them an email last Sunday… no answer… called them THEY were not available at that time… sent another email and still wait ing for them to answer … everything looks fine but this does not rhyme with some of your review here… what am I doing wrong!

I FEEL scammed! If I wanted to become a VIP member for euros, for three months. Ok, I am after a time it did go in but the amounts you win are often small.

If I do not win big prize, I never gonna play anymore. There is no clear Registration procedure. However, despite clicking the Free Powerball ticket option, I was allocated a Mega Millions ticket instead.

I kept on trying and saw later that the amount was taken 10 times. These people are scamming. It appears that they have a marketing and sales department that continually phone you to make purchases.

IceLotto is the mother of lotteries and jackpots worldwide. Some of these lotteries have several prizes per draw —for example, Euromillions has 13 prizes, meaning that your chances of winning are increased.

The IceLotto website is clean, and intuitive. Depending on the VIP score you will be granted 1 of the 4 possible grades:.

After completing the registration every player will get 1 lottery coupon free of charge. This backs its trustworthy image.

What backs IceLotto legit standing? Is IceLotto trustworthy lottery ticket agent? Can be the impressions of IceLotto fake?

It has a rather simple sing up form every player will get 1 free lotto coupon after registration and the multi-lingual interface.

The higher is their score the higher is their VIP status and correspondingly the higher are the provided discounts and repayments. After asking IceLotto support team a question we received the answer immediately.

So the site provides really fast responses. I like the fact that I can get physical tickets on this site…. The app is good also and but a few glitches pop up every now and then.

Overall not a bad site and app. IceLotto charges a fairly steep price for their services and then you expect great service. As you can imagine I was very disappointed to say that this was not the case and every customer service encounter I have had has been bad.

I purchased tickets from Icelotto three times. An agent contacted me personally and immediately contacted me notifying about the winning, guided me on the withdrawal process and helped me to get my prize just within 2 days.

Thank you! Prices are ridiculously expensive — why?!?!? What a waste of money. Your email address will not be published. It's dissapointing to see negative comments on icelotto.

I personally purchased tickets with Icelotto and received my ticket scans in my account. They even charged my cards when I expressly told them not to.

The time came and went several times over for me to recieve my money but I never recieved it. Kept calling with no answers.

One person said he would sort it out, and I never heard from him again. The original guy no longer worked there and details were all hush hush.

All I want is my money back as promised. Your comment is awaiting moderation. Even though I told him several times I'm not interested the dude continued to harass me.

Telling me it's not a lot of money. Worst experience ever. This was all after I told the first agent I wasn't interested they tried to get more money out of me with a more expensive plan.

He was downright offensive and rude. Yes you do see 'a ticket' in your account but dont expect to collect a bigger 'win' than the amount that you 'invested'.

Icelotto had advised that I had lost!!! I lodged a complaint with 'Icelotto Support' 6 weeks ago and all I get are lies and delay emails back from the 'Support Department'.

Jetbull is nothing but a pure scam. This is a total NO-NO for me. They refused to pay my money back. It was held on December 22nd last week and I won 1, Euros. Name 2. Aus statistischen Gründen Anleitung Sagaland diese Webseite anonymisierte Cookies. Denn dies würde Ansehen und Glaubwürdigkeit infrage stellen. Die Sicherheit kann jedoch durch die verschiedenen Zahlungsmethoden gewährleistet werden, denn hier zeigen sich nicht nur Skrill und Neteller, sondern auch die bekannten Kreditkartenanbieter. Über diese wird der eingezahlte Betrag Ihrem Offline Wallet Bitcoin nämlich sofort gutgeschrieben. IceLotto gives you a straightforward and unexaggerated experience. But, the present features all function well to offer players a very focused and fun experience with the online lottery. One of the top ones is the Personal VIP Account Managers they have who are assigned by the company to all VIP members. Icelotto provided me with the real official ticket for the Euro Millions lottery and i even won $. I was so happy when i got the money. finally a site i can trust. i purchased a group subscription from a nice guy named Tom that explained me all about syndicates. so i must say they have awesome customer service!. As mentioned previously, IceLotto is one of the more simple online lottery websites out there – not just in terms of their website design, but also with regards to their offerings. That’s not to say that what they provide is in any way inferior to other online lottery services or they are not worth anyone’s time. IceLotto offers a pretty good mix of the most popular lotteries around. IceLotto features a few lesser known games – like BonoLoto, for example – but for the most part, the most well-known and lucrative lotteries make up their game selection. Check out the full list of games below. There are various Icelotto discount coupons available on, and some of which work in different ways. As mentioned above, the majority of promotions are coupon codes, free shipping, free gifts with purchase, discounts on your shopping cart, and access to sale items. Be courteous and ask clear questions. I truly was surprised. One email it says that it has been resolved but yet they wont provide the details then the next email states that Stake7 support team are still working on it!!!! Toggle navigation. I registered with Ice Lotto few months ago. So I tried again the Texas Holdem Straße time to buy the ticket for This Tempo Eines Pferderennens is the old fassion way to become a millionaire. View All. Icelotto they Monopoly Classic Kostenlos Downloaden out the form, Prag Ladies can log into their online accounts and begin playing. Contact 6 Ioanni Stylianou Nicosia Cyprus. But lets see.

Ich Wetter Heute Recklinghausen dir sagen, Roulette und. - Das wichtigste Angebot im Überblick

Denn sollte es Kostenlosespiel zu Problemen kommen, dann fallen diese auch auf Visa oder Master zurück, was sich negativ auf die allgemeine Reputation auswirken könnte.
Icelotto IceLotto Erfahrungen. Achtung: Leider ist dieser Anbieter nicht länger erreichbar. Bitte wähle eine Alternative aus unserem Online Lottoanbieter Test. Lotto 6 aus. Icelotto im Test + Erfahrungen echter Kunden ✅ Geprüft: Ist Icelotto Betrug oder seriös? ☘ Spielen Sie sicher Lotto im Internet. 65 Kunden haben Icelotto schon bewertet. Lesen Sie über deren Erfahrungen, und teilen Sie Ihre eigenen! Mit IceLotto habe ich einen weiteren Anbieter, der Online Lotto bei weltweiten Lotterien, wie beispielsweise US- Lotterie Powerball, getestet. IceLotto website offers over a dozen of the world's most popular lotto games online. IceLotto states it offers only those lotteries featuring the highest pots and the highest winning odds. Here you can also find all the required information such the rules, draw results, grand prize sizes and draw dates. 3/3/ · Icelotto is an online lotto service, offering 12 biggest world lotteries. is owned and operated by Y&M Hans Management Limited from Limassol, Cyprus. The office is located at Chrysorogiatissis & Kolokotroni, Limassol, Cyprus /5. IceLotto gives you a straightforward and unexaggerated experience. But, the present features all function well to offer players a very focused and fun experience with the online lottery. One of the top ones is the Personal VIP Account Managers they have who are assigned by the company to all VIP members.


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